Victoria's core values


What values underpin the ministry of Victoria? Here are six core values that define what VBC is and the atmosphere we are seeking to create in the church.


We desire Victoria to be a place where God's grace is felt and modelled, a place where people regularly make commitments to Christ. We desire it to be a place where it is natural to be spiritual and spiritual to be natural, where people do not need to put on a mask or exercise pretence.

God's grace extends to every type of person and we want ours to as well. We want to accept people just as they are while stimulating them to be more like Jesus Christ in their attitudes, choices and behaviour.


We desire Victoria to be a place where spiritual growth is the norm and where people encourage one another to greater Christ-likeness. This will mean that we engage in both encouragement and admonishing in order to help each member model his or her life on Jesus Christ. We desire to prize character above task!


We desire Victoria to be a place where people can engage in small groups with the aim of walking with God together. We see the small group experience (in various forms) as of equal importance with the larger worship or celebration meetings. We desire to create groups where we can know and be known, love and be loved, celebrate and be celebrated by a small number of other people. This is eyeball to eyeball walking with God!


We desire Victoria to be a a place where every believer can discover and use their spiritual gifts - where we systematically discover the 'best fit' area of service for each person regardless of age or spiritual maturity.


We desire Victoria to be a place where we give generously to the Lords work both in time and money. Our money is used to support God's work both inside the immediate orbit of Victoria as well as for the support of Christian work world-wide. The church's income should be tithed as an absolute minimum.

We also desire Victoria to be a place where we give our time to Christian service. We desire the church to be place where every person's contribution is seen to be advancing the Kingdom of God, whatever role they have on the team.


A place where we equip one another to communicate the gospel to our society in the workplace by teaching people how to share their faith. Faith sharing extends into areas beyond the evangelistic moment of inviting another person to follow Christ. We want to equip people to live for Christ in every area of their lives and share their faith with actions as well as words.

These six core values represent the six ministry aims we have in the lives of every person who attends Victoria Baptist Church. We express them in the form of six facets that we desire to see in the lives of everyone who is part of the church

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