Sunday templates


Here you will find some templates that are frequently used for Sunday preparation

How to edit and use them

Victoria Baptist Church uses Apache OpenOffice as its office editing suite for documents and spreadsheets. So you will need to have this running on your computer to edit the templates we'll give you below.

If you don't have it, you can download and install this software (there is no charge) from here ...

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Useful information about OpenOffice can be found here.

Additional pages for the news sheet

Here you will find templates for additional pages for our weekly news sheet. Download the one you want and open it. Inside you will see what the format looks like and some instructions. You may want to print these to have as a reference, but having done that, delete all the contents and write your own material. The email it to the church.

Powerpoint rolling announcements

These are displayed at the beginning of the morning services and you will need Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 or later to edit them. The template given below is the current default template and contains several pages you can use as examples. There is no need to send them all back to us, just email the page or pages you've created for inclusion in the rolling sequence.

When you have edited your file send it to the church office on

To send us a message or get more information either phone 01323 737974 or

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Download  rolling_template.pptx from here. (Last modified: February 09 2015 18:09:27.)

Download from here. (Last modified: February 09 2015 18:09:23.)

Download from here. (Last modified: February 09 2015 18:09:09.)

Download from here. (Last modified: February 09 2015 18:09:06.)

Download from here. (Last modified: February 09 2015 18:09:05.)

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