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We're passionate about small groups!

Our small groups are the backbone of Victoria and easily the best place to get to know people, to develop your spiritual life and enjoy being a Christian along with a few others.

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Most groups are about six to a dozen people who meet together every two weeks (some meet every week). In the small groups we meet with our friends and neighbours to live life together, experience the gospel, wrestle with the truths of the Bible, love one another, serve the town and participate in the mission God's given us at Victoria.

what are small groups for?

to know other people

... and be known by them. When you became a Christian you were born into a family. In our small groups you will find other members of God's family with whom you can grow in Christ.

In a church family as large as ours it's not always easy to get to know people and benefit from the encouragement and support that friendship between Christians can provide. That is where the small groups come in. They also provide a place from which we reach out to our friends and wider community.

to explore the Bible

The Bible is the Word of God in the words of men and that is why it is so important to understand and apply it to our lives. Most small group meetings contain a Bible discovery component as one of the main aims of the group.

to experience prayer

Prayer is an essential part of the Christian life. Without it we cannot communicate with God. By spending time praying in the friendly atmosphere of a small group we can both listen to the Lord and intercede on behalf of others.

to support and care

There are times when, as part of the body of Christ, we need to support each other. A business man may have to make a tough decision that will affect this lives of others, a teacher may have to make a wise choice over a difficult student, a single parent may be wrestling with work-life balance and so the list goes on. In all of these situations there are times when we could use the help and support of a group of friends - and that's hwere our small groups often come into their own. This happens on both spiritual and practical levels.

The small groups provide a place where our Christian care for one another can be expressed.

who goes to small groups?

Our information shows that people of all ages and degrees of Christian experience attend our small groups. Each small group has its own distinctive features and no two groups are alike. The minister or one of the Core Leadership Team can advise you when it comes to selecting a group to attend.

are small groups important?

Yes - they are an integral part of the ministry of Victoria Baptist Church and without them we would not be able to enjoy the fellowship to the full. We believe that we can grow in the Lord in a small group in ways that are impossible by simply attending on a Sunday alone.

how can I join a small group?

You can

  • talk to someone within your circle of friends at the church to find out which group they attend - and go with them - or
  • if you know one of the small group leaders you can contact them directly - or
  • hit the 'contact us' button on this page and send us a message

where do the small groups meet?

Most of the small groups meet in someone's home and a few meet in the church. Some groups always meet in the same home while others vary their venue.

when do the small groups meet?

Most of the groups meet on a weekday during the second and fourth weeks of each month (although some have a different pattern to accommodate the varying needs of the group).

can I change my group?

Yes, of course. There are a variety of reasons for which you may want a change. Indeed, there may be some times when we will suggest a change to you - if we are commencing a new group for example - but the decision of which group to attend will always rest with you.

let's consider how we may spur one another on towards love and good deeds. and let's not give up meeting together like some people have, but let's encourage one another ... Hebrews 10:24-25

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