Core leadership team

The Core Leadership Team is the group of people who oversee the vision and running of the church. It consists of the Senior minister, treasurer and elected members from the church. They also have other people meeting with them who are co-opted on to the team because of their particular expertise.

Here are the current members of the CLT

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There are certain key functions that the CLT has in the life of the church and they are:

1. The vision of Victoria

The church's vision is the means by which we bring about our purpose of seeing people won for Jesus Christ and transformed into fully committed followers. Therefore where we are heading in the short, medium and long term are important aspects of the CLT's ministry and the continuous monitoring if its relevance to the people God is bringing into the orbit of the church.

2. The strategy of Victoria

The strategy of the church is the means by which we see our vision become reality. It will involve praying for, motivating, recruiting and equipping people to bring about what we believe to be God's vision for the church. It will also involve the continuous monitoring of its effectiveness.

3. The spirituality of Victoria.

The CLT are given the responsibility of seeing that the church remains on its course. In particular they ensure that the church operates in a way consistent with Biblical revelation, particularly in the areas of teaching, prayer and worship. Discerning God's will for the church and motivating its members. Overseeing the church's spirituality also means creating an atmosphere within the church that is conducive to growth in Christ and joyful, wholehearted obedience to Him.

4. The oversight of role-holders

The CLT exists to encourage and review the ministry of other role-holders in Victoria, particularly those on the wider leadership team who have responsibility for major areas of the church's activities- and steering these roles to ensure they are in line with the church's vision and strategy. (This is perhaps one of the most important new roles the members of the team will carry as it addresses the whole question of succession on the wider leadership.)

5. The policies of Victoria.

The CLT delineates the policies on ethical, moral and theological issues, recognising that there is sometimes diversity among God's people but avoiding unnecessary disunity. The team should only be dogmatic where there is an unimpeachable Biblical precedent.

6. The hard pastoral situations of Victoria.

The ministry of VBC regularly brings to light tough pastoral situations which require Godly wisdom and discernment. While much of the pastoral care is distributed to other groups and people in the church, the CLT carries the responsibility under God of discovering his mind in the most difficult cases. We believe that the plurality of the team can bring multiple perspectives to bear on the most knotty problems.

7. Church discipline within Victoria.

Where discipline for reasons of ungodly behaviour is necessary the CLT has the task of executing this in line with the pattern of Scripture.

Leaders' Handbook

The way the church is led and the philosophy of our leadership is described in the Leaders' Handbook. Here you will find out how the Core team and Ministry Leaders' Forum operate and why we do it this way. To download it as a .PDF file

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