Ministry Leaders Forum

What is the MLF?

The church could not operate without the consistent and devoted efforts of a whole variety of people who take initiative and carry responsibility as part of their Christians service. We call people who carry these responsibilities 'ministry leaders' and the Ministry Leaders Forum (or MLF) is where they meet to communicate with each other, discuss issues and keep in touch with the with the ministerial team and Core Leadership Team.

The MLF is a communication forum not a decision-making executive although church policy and practice will be discussed and prayed through as part of its remit.

Who is on the MLF?

People who carry specific responsibility for defined areas of the church's ministry are on the MLF. The CLT, who define which roles are to be represented on the MLF, deliberately casts the net widely so as to have a broad representation of people who serve in the church. As a consequence the MLF should span all of the ministry activities of Victoria. The criteria the CLT take into account for placing a ministry role on the MLF will be factors like:

  • does this role have a strategic impact in the church.

  • is the organisation regularly ministering to a significant group of people (more that 30, say)

A person's membership of the MLF lasts as long as they are the leader of such a group and ceases when they step down so their successor can attend.

What is the MLF for?

The MLF exists

  • to discuss issues of church policy and practice

  • to maintain close communication links between CLT and other leaders of the church

  • to recognise and value the contribution made by the leaders of organisations and ministries in the church

  • to act as a sounding board for new and innovative ideas and policies before they are launched with the wider church.

When does the MLF meet?

It is expected that the MLF meets every 2 or 3 months and is joined by the CLT for its discussion.

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