I was brought up in a “Christian family,” going to church etc.  But though I probably would have called myself a Christian at any time from 5-18 I was really no where near.  Getting drunk, smoking dope and getting arrested was my thing.  Looking back now if God hadn’t have looked after me I could have really messed things up.  Fortunately for me, He did and a lot of the things I did went unpunished.

I suppose the first time I really though about the possibility that it could be real was at Spring Harvest.  Here I was literally knocked off my feet by the power of the Holy Spirit.  For all of two days I was buzzing but soon went back to my sinful ways.

I thought university would be the end of thinking about God entirely but in fact it made me realise that I had to stop clowning around and made me think about what it was I really should be doing.

With much help I have drawn closer to Christ and now want to draw a line in the sand, put all this stuff behind me and make a statement to myself, my God and you people in front of me that this is the day that things change.

Today I stand and give up my life for Christ, just as he did for me.  Proclaiming that every breathe may speak of Him and every move glorify His name.  Hallelujah!

Youth and Children