I was brought up in a Christian family, and have always known about God for as long as I can remember. I gave my life to Jesus at a very young age by praying a prayer with my mum one night before bed.

Shortly after this time, I moved to Tenerife, where I also helped my best friend pray the same prayer that I did. I was a member of a church out there and I always enjoyed my time at Sunday school.

Looking back now that I am older, God helped my family in many ways that I didn’t understand when I was younger.

Since living in Tenerife, I have lived in quite a few other places including UAE and Thailand.

When moving back to the UK in 2001, I grew up in a very different lifestyle than I was used to. My first year back was the worst year of my life. I was at Moira House and was severely bullied for a year due to my mother’s position in the school and the authority she held.

At this time I didn’t know why God was letting me go through this; at the same time, my sister was very unwell, my father was trying to establish his own business, and I was depressed. This was when I stopped going to church and started growing away from God.

Although 2 months ago, I came to a friends baptism here at Victoria Baptist, and have been here every Sunday evening since, and enjoy singing with the band.

For me, my friend’s baptism was a message for me to come back to what I needed, and what was missing in my life.

Since being at Victoria Baptist, various people have mentioned baptism to me, making me think about it. Then 2 weeks ago, Ian mentioned it during the evening service, after I had been thinking about it all of that day; I knew that message was meant for me.

So, here I am today, to express my love for God and to tell everyone else here today.

Youth and Children