I have always considered myself to be a Christian.  I grew up in a Christian household and attended church regularly.  But I never really knew why I was going; I never questioned it or understood it.   It was just something I had to do, go along on a Sunday and be bored for a while.

But then I stopped being forced to go and to my surprise I actually wanted to.  I had people in my life holding me back and outside influences which deterred me.  But I began to attend a different church with friends, one that I felt a lot more at home in and I began to discover my faith and learn about my God. I began to actually have a relationship with Him and to get to know Him more.

This gradual process is what has led me here today.  I want to leave my sinful life behind.  This is the line I draw to become a disciple of God, to receive the Holy Spirit as Jesus has taught us to.  Baptism allows me to publicly show, to both God and you here, that I live for Him.

Being a Christian has helped me in so many situations in my life.  Christ has taught me to love and to understand more.  I am able to see things in a new light, accepting change and dealing with tough situations because I know I have someone by my side.  Just recently a friend of mine has recovered from both breast and lung cancer.  Through prayer the Lord taught me how to console her through the tough times and now we are able to rejoice.  This miracle is an answer to my prayers and a demonstration of His immense power.

He has enabled me to be more patient, more loving towards those I do not know yet and more joyful.  Teaching me what really matters in life, not to get frustrated by miniscule things when there are bigger things at work.  Being a Christian has taught me that I am important and, with Jesus’ help, I can move mountains.

Since coming to University here I have met some people very important to me, people who have helped me to grow both as a person and as a Christian.  The Lord is at work in me and I credit Him for everything I do.  He is an awesome presence in my life and his love never ceases to amaze me.

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