Flow Cafe


PLEASE NOTE: We also host a BSL Café at the same time.

Flow Café started in October 2012 and is usually held on the second Saturday of each month from 10.00 am. Flow Café is open to everyone, feel free to pop in for tea, coffee, and cake or bacon, sausage or veggie sausage sandwich. 

We have football, table tennis, crochet, knitting, and children's craft activities along a biblical theme. It is great to see so many mums, dads, grandparents, children, and their friends coming along. We have helped raise money for our local Hospice, Comic Relief, Eastbourne Foodbank, Children in Need, OrphAids, and many others, as well as for young people to go on summer camps.

see our Facebook page for more details


8th June - supporting Eastbourne Street Pastors

11th May - supporting The Old Bank, Wellbeing Trust (we donated £ 180.00)

13th April - supporting Community First Responders - Eastbourne Area (we donated £ 200.00)

9th March - supporting St Wilfrid's Hospice (our local Hospice) (we donated £ 250.00)

10th February - supporting Good News Brighton (we donated £ 300.00)

13th January - supporting Networx (we donated £ 226.00)


9th December - supporting McMillan Cancer Support (we donated £ 180.00)

11th November - supporting Linking Lives Eastbourne (we donated £ 245.00)

7th October - supporting Christians Against Poverty (we donated £ 200.00)

9th September - supporting HelpingPoint India (we donated £ 310.00)

8th July - supporting Jake Whillock and his family (see here for further details)

10th June - supporting Callum Short @ Capernwray Bible School for a year (we were able to donate £ 510.00)

13th May - supporting Sanctuary Café - (we were able to donate £ 335.00)

8th April - an Easter Special supporting Living Life Eastbourne - (we were able to donate £ 215.00)

11th March - supporting Ronald McDonald House UK - (we were able to donate £ 280.00)

11th February - supporting the Play Café Project in Mokokchung (India)  - (we were able to donate over £ 300.00)

7th January - supporting our local FoodBank - (we were able to donate £ 150.00)


10th December - supporting our local Winter Night Shelter - (we were able to donate £ 195.00)

12th November - supporting Help our Heroes - (we were able to donate £ 145.00)

9th October - supporting St Wilfred's Hospice - our local Hospice (we were able to donate £ 200.00)

10th September - supporting McMillan Coffee Morning Appeal (we were able to donate £ 170.50)

16th July - supporting the Summer breakfast club (we were able to donate £ 258.00)

11th June - supporting Children with Cancer Fund - Polegate (we were able to donate £ 159.00)

14th May - supporting Networx, welcoming refugees (we were able to donate £ 235.00)

10th April - supporting Living Life Easter appeal, eggs for Croatia and beyond (we were able to donate a very generous £ 230.00)

12th March - supporting Westbrook Camping trip for our young people (we were able to donate £ 150.00)

12th February - supporting Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team (we were able to donate £ 140.00)


December 11th we raised over £ 400.00 for G. Ebdy who will go to Uganda in 2022 to assist with a Boys' Brigade (Brighton) sponsored project

13th November - supporting our local Street Pastors (we were able to donate £ 190.00)

9th October - supporting our local hospice (as they celebrate 40 years of caring) (we were able to donate £380)


14th March - supporting St. Wilfrid's Hospice (despite the lower turn-out due to the start of the Corona crisis, we were able to donate over £ 180.00)

8th February - supporting Jamie’s Farm in Lewes, a charity supporting 11-16-year-olds who are at risk of school exclusion (we were able to donate £ 440.00 as well as £ 200.00 for the Bulgaria mission)

11th January - supporting Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team (we were able to donate £ 227.00)


7th December - supporting our local Winter Night Shelter (we were able to donate £ 258.00)

9th November - supporting Help for Heroes (we were able to donate £ 247.00)

12th October - supporting our local Foodbank (we were able to donate £ 250.00)

14th September - supporting McMillan Coffee Morning (we were able to donate £ 223.70)







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