Hope Lebedyn

Victoria Supports HOPE LEBEDYN


Here at Victoria we have been in partnership with the Sumy Mission Revival Centre  and Lebedyn Mission Centre for many years. 

Lebedyn is a small town in the east of Ukraine in the district of Sumy. 

After the soviet Union broke up  and the military left the town was almost ignored. Today it has a high unemployment rate and severe issues with alcoholism. There are several orphanages in the area with hundreds of children with little hope of a future.  The Church and mission centre work tirelessly to share the love of Jesus to all in the area. Despite having very little themeselves they are incredibly generous. With the support of several UK sponsors like VBC they have achieved incredible things for Jesus. 


Pastor Sergey (Front row far right) founded the church and has seen it grow.

Pastor Bohdan (back row second from right) now leads the mission. Click on the link to the website and read his amazing testimony. www.Hopelebedyn.org

Victoria Baptist Church is proud to support this amazing work, our brothers and sisters in Christ, serving the poor and bringing people to know Jesus. Please visit the website to find out more about the work of Hope Lebedyn. 

We hope to send a team of volunteers out next summer to support the work of the summer camps for children, youth and families coping with disability.

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